Make Your Own Wedding Rings

Make Your Own Wedding Rings

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How unique, making your partner's wedding ring!

A day of discovery, you start with a flat piece of metal, gold or silver, then cutting and shaping the metal, adding a unique pattern, texturing or hammering. Then you will solder the ring together and finally polishing the ring to a brilliant shine.  

You have a beautiful ring............ All yours!  

On the way you will have used a jewellers saw, rolling mill, files, gas torch, ultrasonic cleaner, metal polisher and many other specialized tools.  

You require no prior experience and will receive expert tuition and assistance from our jeweller and silversmith, Aura Jones.  

Aura has been making jewellery for over 25 years and just loves making jewellery. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in jewellery making.  

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What Style of Wedding Ring do you require?

We will discuss this with you, prior to you attending our DIY workshop.

Most clients plan to ware there wedding rings everyday and choose a style that is comfortable, hence a fairly simple design. 

Your rings may be plain, patterned, textured, hammered, silver or gold. They could be a combination of both silver and gold.

Make your own Wedding Rings

1 days (7 hours)   -   $290.00 pp

Class size, just the two of you!

Dates:- as arranged at time of booking

* Note - There will be an additional charge for materials

Classes times;
  • Full day start  09:30am, end 04:30pm with a 30 minute lunch break
Rainforest Gems Jewellery School use  **Argentium the finest quality silver​

 ** Argentium is the finest quality silver, famous for its natural beauty, high white colour and longer lasting shine. Traditional sterling silver combines 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper and rapidly looses its luster and white colour.
Argentium contains a higher purity of silver 93.5% and a patented formula that includes germanium, resulting in a silver that is brighter and whiter than platinum, white gold and traditional sterling silver. Argentium is highly tarnish resistant and simple to keep clean.

Rainforest Gems Jewellery School and Aura's workshop are situated in the Rainforest Gems Gallery. We are located at Tolga in the  spectacular Atherton Tablelands, 758m above Cairns in Tropical North Queensland, Australia ........... We are a scenic tropical drive, 1¼ hours from Cairns, 1½ hours from Port Douglas, 45 minutes from Kuranda and 5 minutes from Atherton.