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Aura Jones our jeweller / silversmith has been making jewellery for over 25 years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in jewellery making.

Rainforest Gems Jewellery School and Aura's workshop are situated in the Rainforest Gems Gallery. We are located at Tolga in the  spectacular Atherton Tablelands, 758m above Cairns in Tropical North Queensland, Australia ........... We are a scenic tropical drive, 1¼ hours from Cairns, 1½ hours from Port Douglas, 45 minutes from Kuranda and 5 minutes from Atherton.

Modules 1 & 2 are designed for people who would like, or are considering taking up jewellery making as a hobby or career.

The other courses and workshops will help you to develop your skills.

Perhaps you are on holiday and would like to try your hand at something different, Polishing a Gemstone or Silversmithing - Learn the Basics.

Our courses teach you jewellery making with silver, ie. silversmithing.

Silversmithing and Goldsmithing are basically the same. Yes there are differences, but once you have learnt to work with silver, working with gold will be an easy transition. As gold is seventy times the price of silver, it makes sense to learn jewellery making with silver.

Classes are small with only 2 or 3 students. We also offer individual tuition.

Rainforest Gems Jewellery School use  **Argentium the finest quality jewellery silver

Module 1 - Jewellery Making - Silversmithing - Learn the Basics

We will start with the basics, a short talk (discussion) about precious metals, gemstones, tools, gas torches and workshop equipment. Then it is into the practical, learn how to use a jewellers saw, make jump rings, texture metal, learn to solder and fuse silver, use a rolling mill and draw plate, make a silver pendant. On the second day you will make either a bracelet or bangle.

Most students go home with two items, a beautiful silver pendant and either a silver bracelet or silver bangle.

2 days (14 hours)   -   $490.00 pp   -   class size, min 2, max 3 students  
-   materials are extra

Class dates:-   2019 ...    05 - 06 Jan,  09 - 10 Feb,  23 - 24 Mar,  13 -14 Apr,  18 - 19 May,
14 - 15 Jun,  13 - 14 Jul,   17 - 18 Aug,  14 - 15 Sep,  12 - 13 Oct,  16 - 17 Nov., 07 - 08 Dec

Module 2 - Jewellery Making - Ring Making & Basic Stone Setting

This module will teach you bezel (rub-over) setting and ring making.  You will learn about ring sizing, using a ring mandrel and how to make a bezel.

You will go home with a silver ring, with a bezel set stone.

1 days (7 hours)  -   $290.00 pp   -   class size, min 2, max 3 students   -   materials are extra

Class dates:-   2019 ...    07 Jan,  11 Feb,  25 Mar,  15 Apr,  20 May,  16 Jun,  15 Jul,  19 Aug,  16 Sep,  14 Oct,   18 Nov, 09 Dec

Note -  Prior knowledge. To attend Module 2 you must have either completed Module 1 or have prior experience of the subjects taught in Module 1.

The skills learnt  in Modules 1 and 2 together will give you basic silversmithing skills and basic knowledge for making silver pendants, rings, bangles and bracelets, together with bezel set stones.
Individual Tuition - Jewellery Making & Silversmithing

Prior to booking for individual tuition, we will discuss with you, what you would like to learn.

Full Day   $590.00 per day (7 hours)    -   Half Day  $320.00 (3
½ hours)    -   materials are extra

Dates:- as arranged at time of booking
Working with Argentium Silver

Argentium Silver is brighter and whiter than White Gold, Platinum and traditional Sterling Silver. There are other advantages too, Argentium is highly resistant to tarnish, does not firestain, is Hypoallergenic and well-suited to those unable to wear traditional sterling silver.

It is a little different to use, not harder to use, just different to use.

This workshop is a transition workshop, for those experienced with traditional sterling silver and wish to use Argentium Silver. You will learn soldering, fusing and granulation with Argentium Silver.

1 days (7 hours)   -   $370.00 pp   -   class size, max 3 students   -   materials are extra

Dates:- as arranged at time of booking
Polishing a Gemstone - Cabbing

Try your hand polishing a stone, a semi-precious gemstone.  See it go from a rough lump of rock to a sparkling gemstone .
You will be using a gemstone grinding machine, starting with a course wheel and working your
way through to fine and then finishing with polish.

1 days (7 hours)   -   $320.00 pp   -   class size, max 2 students

Dates:- as arranged at time of booking

Make your own Wedding Rings

How unique, making your partner's wedding ring. Cutting and shaping the metal, soldering the ring together, adding a unique pattern and finally polishing it to a brilliant shine. All yours!

Click link for details

* Note - There will be an additional charge for metals and gemstones. Silver is charged at $3.00 per gram

Classes times;
  • Full day start  09:30am, end 04:30pm with a 30 minute lunch break
  • Half day start 09:30am, end 01:00pm  or start 01:00 end 04:30pm
Rainforest Gems Jewellery School use  **Argentium the finest quality silver​

 ** Argentium is the finest quality silver, famous for its natural beauty, high white colour and longer lasting shine. Traditional sterling silver combines 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper and rapidly looses its luster and white colour.
Argentium contains a higher purity of silver 93.5% and a patented formula that includes germanium, resulting in a silver that is brighter and whiter than platinum, white gold and traditional sterling silver. Argentium is highly tarnish resistant and simple to keep clean.

Rainforest Gems Jewellery School is located in Tolga on the spectacular
Atherton Tablelands, a scenic tropical drive
1¼ hours from Cairns,
1½ hours from Port Douglas and 45 minutes from Kuranda.

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