Frequently Asked Questions

Argentium Silver

Q. What is Argentium Silver
A. Argentium Silver is a modern alternative to sterling silver and  Argentium Silver has many advantages over sterling silver.

Q. What is the difference between Sterling Silver and Argentium Silver.
A.  Argentium Silver has a higher silver content plus a small amount of germanium.

Q. Does Argentium Silver go black (tarnish) like Sterling Silver..
A.  Argentium Silver is highly resistant to tarnish, unlike sterling silver that tarnishes very quickly.

Q.  Does Argentium Silver require rhodium plating.
A.   Some jewellers rhodium plate sterling silver to make stop it tarnishing and to make it whiter. Argentium Silver is naturally whiter than sterling silver, white gold and platinum and is highly resistant to tarnish, therefore it does not require rhodium plating.

Q.  I am allergic to sterling silver, can I wear Argentium Silver Jewellery.
A.  Yes you can wear Argentium Silver. You are allergic to the copper in traditional sterling silver. Argentium Silver contains less copper than sterling silver, but unique to Argentium Silver is that it contains a small amount of germanium. The germanium oxide molecules wrap themselves around the copper and silver. The result being, that with Argentium Silver, you are not in contact with the copper.

Q. Is Argentium Silver more expensive than sterling silver.
A. Argentium Silver is slightly more expensive than sterling silver, but the advantages of Argentium Silver being brighter & whiter, its high resistance to tarnishing, and  hypoallergenic properties are what make Argentium Silver shine!


Rainforest Gems Jewellery School

Q.  Could you teach me to make jewellery.
A.   Yes, we hold regular jewellery making / silversmithing classes. You can find details about Rainforest Gems Jewellery School, on our website.


Handmade Product

Q.  Is all the handcraft made locally.
A.  All the handcraft is made in Tropical North Queensland, by the regions top artisans.

Q.  Do you make all the jewellery.
A.  Aura, my wife makes all the jewellery and I polish the gemstones.



Q.  Where is the gallery located.
A.  We are 758m up in the Atherton Tablelands in Tropical North Queensland follow the following link for our address and map.