Beautiful handcraft .... made by the regions top artisans.

  When you step into the gallery you will notice the stunning selection and quality of the handcraft.

Glass vases, platters and animals. Trees made from twisted aluminium wire. Spectacular wall hangings of animals, birds and reptiles made with colourful glass set behind stainless steel. Beautiful handpainted silk scarves and handmade cards. Carved wood bowls, platters and jewellery boxes.

Stunning ceramic bowls, vases and dishes with glazes inspired by early Middle Eastern and Persian cultures and featuring a copper and silver lustre. Spectacular artwork by several indigenous artist and beautiful silver & gemstone jewellery, made in house by our jeweller / silversmith, Aura Jones.

Choose from over 1000 items. Gifts and Souvenirs from Far North Queensland, all beautifully handcrafted by the regions top artisans.